Important Notices

We appreciate your interest in Commonwealth of Learning Skills for Work scholarship program.

“As we have already communicated to you at the beginning of the registration COL -NLSL scholarship – Cohort 3 ended on 31st December 2022. Therefore, your accounts have been deactivated and will not be able to access and continue your studies through the Commonwealth scholarship programme.”  

Please note that you will need to complete courses and download the certificate prior to closure on 31st  December 2022.

For Learners Who Face ID Verification Issue

Please use this link: Log in with your account and start the online chat box in the corner of the page. Someone will support you right away.

All Learners are expected to demonstrate progress of their learning every week to retain their scholarship. If not they will be removed from the Scholarship Programme.

To all Learners …​

Do you see Commonwealth of Learning Logo when you logged in to Coursera – Grow with Google – Udemy Learning Platform?

If you don’t see then you have not joined the programme as a Commonwealth of Learning Scholarship Learner!!!!!!!!!!!
This means you will NOT be able to get your certificates for FREE. Let us know as soon as possible if you do not see the Commonwealth of Learning Logo on the learning platform or if you have asked to provide ID verification or if you are asked to pay for obtain your earned Course Certificate.

Email: (Remember to attach clear full screenshots to your email.)

Commonwealth of Learning – Grow with Google program requires two hours of study every single day in order to obtain the prestigious Google Certification. As you may be aware, the moment you complete your certification, your details will be entered into Google’s recruitment database from which employers are looking to engage professionals.

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