Success Stories

Pasan Godakanda

My history in IT goes back to the days when we used floppy disks for file transfers. From the day I first touched a computer, I was always keen about learning new things in technology. After my G.C.E. A/Ls I followed an IT degree to find new opportunities related to the field. I obtained the Higher Diploma in IT fromUCSC in 2014 but could not find a job. After so many attempts and unsuccessful interviews at private sector companies, finally I was able to get a job as a Management Service Officer at a government office. Even though it is a non-IT related job, I was assigned to manage entire fleet of computers and LGN network atthe office.

Throughout my learning journey I had to face many challenges. My eye sight is partially impaired. Despite the challenges faced due to this condition, I managed to do the studies with the help of my computer and smartphone. Financially, I had to earn and pay for my study fees.

For a long time I had the interest to obtain a professional qualification in order to find a new job directlyrelating to IT. But I couldn’t afford the fees. That’s when I saw the scholarship advertisement by the Skills Online Sri Lanka Program (SOSLP) of the National Library of Sri Lanka. They recommended my application to the Commonwealth of Learning – Coursera Work force Recovery Initiative and I was offered the scholarship. I started to follow the IT Support Professional Certificate Program which was offered by Google. I watched all video lectures and completed each module with comprehensive answers. It was a well-structured program designed with lots of hands-on activities. I was able to successfully complete the five-course certificate within the short period of three months, obtaining 100% marks for 4 out of 5 courses.

During the entire journey of learning, my learning experience with Skills Online Sri Lanka went beyond the allocated course work. As I moved through the course work, Sri Lankan National Library and Commonwealth of Learning Canada developed an exceptional working relationship, where my commitment was highly supported by them. Most of the study was within the period of Covid-19 pandemic which was very distressing for the entire world. The challenges motivated us to work harder in order to overcome obstacles and to successfully completethe program.

Now my goal is to find a job relating to the IT industry where I can use my knowledge and enjoy the work in a field I have a passion for. My experience with Skills Online Sri Lanka has shown me the opportunities open for continuous learning which I intent to pursue.

Fashir Muna's Story

“I have gone through many lecture lessons from reputed universities [40+] across the world. I have gained enormous knowledge and insights by going through these lecture sessions and by doing the question papers and assignments.”

COL-Coursera Asia Virtual Convocation